Victim Is Easy, Victor Is Hard!

Hate, wars and killing each other are the things humans continue to get right! I’m Christian, I wasn’t raised to be super accepting of gay people because of it, but you know what. I could give two shit’s less about who sleeps with who. If its  so wrong, the God I believe in will deal with it, if it’s not, see you in Heaven. Too many people trying to play God, people like you and me who think their perfect. I learned long ago that perfection wasn’t in my future. That I was no better than the next guy, that I had to want it more to get it. Victim is easy, our newly elected President plays the role well. As did the Lady who ran against him, probably why she lost. Everybody has a sad story, everybody has screwed up, but victor is hard. Admitting you messed up and doing what it takes to make it right is the hardest thing in the world! It’s easy to point a finger, to say someone should have done this, or I did my part, it’s harder to say I failed. It’s realizing failure is not the end, but the beginning. The best things can come out of your failure, or they can bury you. Funniest thing in the world is what we do to other people, but when it’s done, oh hell no and full on victim mode. Full on how could they, and the best of all, WHY! Why is easy, that do unto others thing they talk about, 100% true. Karma I have come to find out is a real live thing, and I promise you, it will rear it’s head at the worst possible time. A time when you have run out of excuses and people to blame and fingers to point. A time where it’s all on the line and you have either done the work, or get done in by the la k of work. Victor or victim? Decisions, decisions…….


That Moment You Realize, It’s To Late!

Everybody has that moment, that do or die, it’s going to break you or your going to break it. That moment, where you look in the mirror and decide, I’m defeated, or I’m just getting started. Everybody has that moment where they realize it’s too late, and in that moment you ask? In that moment I found myself, in that moment I found strength I didn’t know I had, in that moment, I kicked back. That moment I realized that I didn’t have to lie down anymore, that moment I realized I created this, Not an immigrant, not a terrorist, not a gay dude, not anybody, but the mother fucker looking in the mirror. Shit’s bad, not sure if shit in my life has ever been this bad, but unlike everybody else these days especially the President, I’m not pointing any fingers, I’d have sixteen pointing back. Victim is easy, Victor takes a  whole hell of a lot of work. It takes the guts to keep fighting when they are telling you to give up. It takes the guts to keep swinging when you yourself feel like you are at the end of your rope. It doesn’t take courage, it doesn’t take guts or fight, it takes on thing and I realized it in that moment I had today. It takes heart, a whole hell of a lot of heart, some have it, and some will make excuses. Come at me, take your best fucking shot, my mom is losing her battle at 64 with diabetes, she is the most important thing to me. My dog, my kid, my other rock, just turned 8 and is fading even faster and I fear it is cancer. Flat broke, trying to bullshit my way from day-to-day and stay the fuck afloat, no clue whats next. But this hasn’t broke me, whatever comes next wont break me either. See it is like this, yeah the moment may have told me that it was too late, but my heart said, fuck you. My heart said you’re gonna have to bring more than that, because at the end of the day, I will still be here, when the smoke clears, ill still be on these two feet, standing here and you’ll still have to deal with me. No easy way out this time, know this, if its worth it, then it is worth it, like they say, everybody can’t do it or they would, and when you set out to change the world one post at a time you are going to hear a lot of things. Loser, boy he sure had a lot of potential, fuck you, still do. And loser huh, what exactly makes you so special? Like I tell the high school kids I coach, they’re not better than you, you make them better than you in your head. Step on the court and it is your court, winners step on the floor and know they can’t be beat, confidence, not cocky, the moment came, it’s too late, I should be finished, everybody has given up or said as much. Everybody except one person……..