The Calm Before The Storm!

It’s different,it’s no longer an it will be okay if it doesn’t work this time, it’s the point of no return! It’s the it’s getting too late in life point where it has to work this time. There’s no time left for excuses or wondering why. There’s no time to panic or fold, there’s but time left for only one thing. That calm you feel now is a facade, that feeling it might just be okay is just reeling you in. It’s baiting you, hoping that you’re not ready for the fight that is ahead of you. You fucking better be this time, because this time, it ends you, or you end it. It’s the end of the road, this path you have traveled is worn and ragged and you’re squarely in front of a dead-end sign! Been here before, there’s only one question this time. Are you going to continue to lie too yourself and pretend this is okay? Because it’s about ready to hit your squarely between the eyes again. That shot at the life you want that you keep pissing away. That shot to have it all that you keep thumbing your nose at, how many more times do you think you can do that before opportunity passes you by? What your scared of is that it already has, and that is what you’re letting keep you here!! One question. What if your wrong???


You’re Just Another Punk!

“You led nigga, but did anybody follow? Let me tell you something, for every sucker who makes it, for every Barry Sanders, for every Jerry Rice, there’s a hundred niggas you aint even heard of. Sure, the game has taught you how to strut, how to talk shit, how to hit, but what else? Suddenly there’s no more money, no more women,  no more applause, no more dream. This is what I am trying to say to you Willie. When a man looks back on his life, he should be proud of all of it, not just the time he spent in pads and cleats. Not just memories of when it was great. You’ve gotten learn that in your heart Willie, if you don’t, you aint a man, you’re just another punk!” I can’t look back on any of it right now and be proud. All I see is opportunities pissed away and second chances missed over and over again. Lawrence Taylor is more real in that scene with Jamie Foxx in Any Given Sunday, than he has probably ever been in his life. Another punk? Or is it time to be a man? You know what the move is, it is sitting right in front of you waiting for you too make it. It cant do it for you, nobody can hold your hand anymore, aren’t you tired of everything that should be yours slipping through your hands? Arent you tire of being so close that it hurts and then at the last second when you can see it, bam right between the eyes! Hard to get mad about it when you see it coming and you do it too yourself. Work, who works harder and who wants it more is what it comes down to. You can have anything you want, or you can be just another punk. You can poor me it you can it’s not fair it, then you can watch everything that should have been yours, walk away. Or there is that man option, but its a lot harder. Its taking the shots you’re  going to have to take, because you made this mess. Step up or step out-of-the-way, its time to get out of you comfort zone, it is time to do what they and even you thought you couldn’t do. Because at one point you thought you could and if you don’t this time! Youre just another punk my friend!