It Gets Easier Too Expect Less Of Yourself!

You do your dirt, you get away with it, not in your head but I’m the flesh. It gets easier to expect less of yourself, everybody else expects that out of you, so you shouldn’t disappoint them. It would be easier for sure to just lay here, because I’m not sure God himself could clean up this mess at this point! Too much 100 miles per hour in the wrong direction not caring about the consequences have led to this! Guess it could be worse, I’m not black or a cop, so at the moment my pretty white ass ain’t getting shot! Touch a nerve? Apparently not a big enough one, look at your choices for President! I guess when you get away with your diet for so long it is really easier to expect less of yourself hey America? Is it Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter? I’m afraid if we as individuals a country and a world don’t do something now, no lives will matter! I love the conspiracy theorists who bitch and complain the most and then say nothing will change! Everything can change in a moment, it’s how bad do you want that change? How bad do you want to give up easy and comfortable? Because on the other side of uncomfortable is what you’ve wanted your whole life. Words are just words unless they are acted on, bullets can’t fire themselves, it takes a conscious action! What kind of actions are you taking, what’s your next move?  Because this I can promise you, there is a move to be made! The less you expect of yourself on a daily basis, the more time you have wasted that you can’t get back! What and who matters? Better yet, make who and what matter, actually matter! Because it only gets easier too…..