People See When There’s Purpose Behind It!

When you want it, when your motives are pure! I saw some meme the other day say there is nothing sexier than a man doing something he is passionate about, someone who has purpose! Three girls who saw it with me at the gym more or less all said damn straight! People pay attention when your acting with purpose and follow through! Tonight I saw what not acting with purpose has cost me and as I sit here and think about it, it kills me tonight. It was right there again in front of me within my grasp and I couldn’t act because of all the inaction and not taking care of business! I mean it was literally on the tip of my tongue man, I could have had it tonight, I could have made tonight the start of something amazing and instead here I sm typing because I didn’t take care of business when I should have! No different from last May when I wasn’t ready, if I had been how differently my life would have gone and now my life has gone straight to hell! Hell man it is time to go to bed, doing really well with the cussing thing, mad as hell I’m going to bed tonight without what I want! I guess the only question remaining is am I mad enough to do something about it?


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