You’re a pussy, you’re afraid of it, you got hit and were too scared to hit back. You ran and hid because it was easier, and let others take the shots for you. You laid there on the floor like  a little bitch making excuses for it. Made it everybody else’s fault, but the person in the mirror who was at fault the whole time. Two choices in life, lay down and  take it and watch someone else take what is yours. The other choice is to fight no matter how hard it is, no  matter what the odds seem like. Fear is only as big as you make it in your head and this I know, because I have faced fear before. On the other side of that fear, is everything that you  have ever wanted, but you have to WANT it. More than chasing girls. more than the video games or the  whining and bitching about how bad it is on Facebook. Who cares, in the real world you take action, or you post fifteen I hate Trump posts a day and become a part of the problem. People don’t care what you post or say, people care if you aren’t afraid of it and you show them with your actions. See you thought I forgot, but I remember every second of the beating I took, I heard what they were saying and they told me I would stay here and never amount to nothing. They used fear against me, and I curled up in a ball in the corner and cried about it and let them. Problem is, I survived and what I was afraid of, that FEAR, it didn’t survive. Fear lives in your head and heart, fear as I said is as big as you make it. We the people don’t have to be afraid anymore, no matter what they are telling us, they are afraid of us. They are afraid that we will remember the power still lies with us, they’re afraid the FEAR they are using wont hold up. The smoke and mirror pony show these fucking idiots I voted for that are in power is ridiculous. Its worse than Bush hiring his buddy and then when shit hit the fan in New Orleans he had no idea. They are scared we call them on it and they can’t answer our questions, they  are scared that we remember who we are. The most powerful nation in the world, with the most powerful people and the most powerful voice. Not better than anyone else, but what if these great United States of America used its power and influence for the right reasons? You see, FEAR works in both ways, and that is what  they FEAR……


Trumping The Odds!

It has been three months  since I have done this, and quite frankly, I’m terrified. I’m getting to old for the bullshit, I’m getting tired of this never-ending game that I just can’t figure out, I’m tired of getting played by myself! You ever just get that feeling that you can’t get out of your own way, like your Trumping yourself! Like you react and blast everybody on twitter like you’re a fucking high school girl! Before all the Trump people blast me, check the record, I voted red. Of course when I did, I didn’t think it would be such a blood bath. I knew the guy was a fool, but the bigger joke was Billary in my mind and now we the people  have become we the biggest joke on the planet! Oh Ella Henderson, I keep going to the river to pray, because I need something to wash all of this shit away. All that I have done, all the damage we the people have inflicted,  remember hate only breeds one thing, MORE HATE! Slippery slope  to navigate when building walls, one side saying keep out the terrorists and illegals commit a lot of violent crimes. True story, rapes and murders litter the map of this country that are tied to illegal aliens. Doesn’t mean their all bad, but who gets to decide, if it was your wife or daughter who was raped, you might have a different opinion? And I get that white people and black people and Asian people all commit crimes too, but when does all of the hate end? Hate destroyed worlds, hate let a man kill millions of Jews, but let’s get to the real topic, it’s not hate at all. It is what took this ass clown all the way to the fucking White House and it  is FEAR! I took this from my friend Dr. Raphael X. Moffett, one of the smartest and best people I have ever come across in life. Not sure if the credit goes to him or not, but I saw it on his page, False Evidence Appearing Real! It’s what the Donald did to us. He made us believe things that weren’t there, and while Benghazi was bad and I feel for those people, this has the potential to be much worse. There is protecting our country and there is starting and all out war with nations with the stupidity of your three in the morning tweets. Well, I think that we are off to a good start after a three-month layoff. Now, if you will excuse me, I got the  twitter kids are using these days to get too, did you see what they said about me on Saturday night live? How dare that Alec Baldwin, a wall must be erected immediately around his house, and he will pay for it!