The 17th Year!

Or is it 16? Hell I am getting old and it’s getting harder to remember shit, I’m sure it has nothing to do with all the pot that I smoked! 17 years I have wasted, out of the thirty seven I have lived, ALMOST HALF! I don’t think it’s scary anymore, I think that shit is downright terrifying! I have wasted almost half my life with nothing to show for it and trying to play catch up at thirty seven is like trying to beat Lebron 1 on 1! Your name better be Durant and maybe a few others to even have a chance, but I guess my point is that anything is possible! I’ve come to that point where I don’t have a second to waste, the you can always turn it around bullshit stops now Snd actuslly starts happening! I wasn’t kidding when I said if I am in this spot a year from now that I’ll blow my fucking brains out! This can’t continue into year 17, it is destroying every aspect of my life and that don’t work anymore because I’m trying to put my life back together! When you play down to a team in sports you lose, when you play down in life a piece of you dies. These posts have become old stale and suck, new plan Stan!


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