“Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay!”

Just letting the time slip or waste away I believe is the title to the song! Tired of this same battle over and over again with the same mother fucker, the old me is dead and gone Justin Timberlake! The move is there, but it can’t make itself, it’s been waiting for you to quit looking up and begging God and to stop making excuses as to why it’s not your fault! Because big boy pants mother fucker, we still got some questions to answer and the biggest is admitting its all your fault! You can’t do anything about it, anything to correct it if you live in denial! Face facts, ISIS is beheading and burning people alive pretty much every week! Look up online how many registered sex offenders live within five miles of you! Look at your congress going back and forth like a high school couple! Look at your world for fuck sake and do something about it! If that God I believe in is real and is coming back, well the world seems to have gone to hell so why the hell couldn’t he come back now! My more pressing question is why do I think I have time to waste away sitting on the dock of the bay? Sounds pretty gay if you ask me! Oh my bad, buzzword, guess I’m going to hell for that one! But if my fellow holier than though Christians would put the energy they have for hating gays behind a movement to change the world I wonder what we could get done! Everyone preaches and runs their mouths saying they want change! If it ever became about helping one another and not money and judging and stereotypes! Ah who the hell am I kidding, it’s the one thing human beings have gotten right for thousands of years! Hating each other and then killing each other because of the hate! I think I’ll just go sit on the dock of the bay…..


One thought on ““Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay!”

  1. Nothing like a good rant aye? Its your blog, your story, you preach whatever you like buddy 🙂 Your so right, the world has its suffering. I think it was Eckhart Tolle who said that it is the time of great suffering but also the time of great enlightenment. That offered me a little relief. Admire your honesty. Nothing wrong with being a lil crazy….I should know 😉 haha

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