Seeing Your Ex!

You’re only lying to yourself to protect your heart. I hear, he’s uglier than me, I hear you are so much better, but nobody wants to see an ex they cared about with someone else. At least not when they still care! Probably should of cared a little more in the first place and I wouldn’t be in this mess I’m in today! Probably should of done a lot of things, but probably has come and gone and here I am once again. Hell hath no furry, like someone who does it to them self. The worst wounds I am coming to find out, seem to be self inflicted! So many questions and zero fucking answers may have led me to the end of the line this time. What if there is no comeback this time? What if I misread the situation? I thought it was going to be like every other time and I’d survive, but at thirty-eight, there’s just way to much at stake!


Faggot, I Used To!

I used to think it was okay to call my freind a fag when he was being stupid! I used to at times look at people from certain parts of the world and immediately assume they were the bomber! For only one reason, because of how they looked! I used to say fuck and shit in front of kids, my mom and even my gramdmother. That was until I listened to somebody else talk like that and thought, what a fucking idiot you sound like. I used to take things like time for granted because I was young and I thought I had time to spare! I used to think that chasing money and women were all that mattered, until the one that really did matter started slipping away! I used to believe in second chances, but that was before I pissed chance ten and eleven away! I used to believe in I’m sorry Justin Beiber, but now it seems a little to late to say I’m sorry! I used to think people cared, but now all I seem to see are assholes! I used to see pure motives, but now all I see is what people really care about! I used to, ah hell, it doesn’t matter what you used to do or what you did! Yeah, I just let you off the hook, what matters now you ask? Four little words, WHAT YOU DO NOW! By all accounts, if my UW women win tonight, the shouldn’t even show up Tuesday! The title has already been handed by everybody else to UConn! I guess there is that pressing matter of David versus Goliath, Tyson versus Spinks, hell Holm versus Rousey! Doesn’t matter what the odds are, what you used to do or who is against you! Records are made to be broken, dragons and giants sometimes get slayed, the difference is this. How bad do you want it? The QB of my Hawks says it best, “the separation is in the preparation!” He isn’t the best QB talent wise, but talent can only take you so far, out working somebody will take you places only few get to go……