I think about what could have been, I let my mind slip away to that place I know will bury me! Sometimes I give people who have even less than I momey to eat, sometimes I hurt people real badly and I know better before I do it. Sometimes I say I want to be better in the moment, then the moment ends and I forget all about wanting to be better and knocking off the crap! Sometimes I feel so close to pulling it off and then I won’t knock off the one thing from preventing me from pulling it off! None of it makes sense anymore and maybe that is when you take your shot in the dark and it all starts to make sense! Because sometimes I think I am that one shot away from making it happen! Sometimes I don’t see what I did, I see what is in front of me and what I could do! Sometimes I see making that move that nobody expects, that move that is a little different that nobody has seen before! Sometimes I think about them seeing me make that move and then wonder what the fuck they would have to say then! Sometimes I just think about fucking doing it man and then I wouldn’t have to go back and forth with this, I would have answers to those questions! Sometimes I wish I would have said or done more, yeah sometimes unfinished business weighs heavy on my mind! Sometimes I sit and act like I am having fun surrounded by friends, but most times I realize I am not! Sometime has now caught up to me and sometime soon I am going to have yo do something about it or……


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