“I Was Playing In The Beggining, The Mood All Changed!

Your pissing your life away, and maybe that is okay with you, but it’s not okay to me anymore! You see I was playing in the Beggining, watching you piss it away, I even let you at one point convince yourself that it was actually okay! I let you piss away girl after girl, sat back and watched as opportunity after opportunity landed on your doorstep and you did nothing! I let you drink and smoke years away, I didn’t think you were going to survive some of those nights on that year-long coke binge! I watched you let it break your heart, I watched you keep doing it the same way again and again and then be puzzled every single time as to why it happened again?! I sat back and watched you do unto others what you were so pissed off about when it was done to you. Watched you do it without a care, but boy when that shit went down and it was done to you, I watched you lose your mind and listened to the how could theys! I watched you choose this and do this and now I wonder if you will ever get to me! I am your future, so you better bet your ass and go all in, because I was playing in the Beggining but I’m tired of waiting on you to get to me, the mood has all changed….


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