Life Took It’s Best Shot, But It Left Me Bleeding And Wounded, I Didnt Let It Finish me

Thats what it is about, this one right here is going to get ugly. For anyone who has lost their way, whether it is crack, bad  choices, lies, you name it, for anybody who has fucked up, it is about picking yourself up, no matter how bad it gets, before life picks you off, because in my next post, you will see what going past the point gets you. I met a man a while back, I call him crazy Willie and my next post will tell you all about him, tell you how most of the time you can recover, but when you go to far there is no coming back, Willies mind is gone, literally gone from the drugs and the alcohol he has done, he went to far and even as far gone as he is, he will tell you the same.  Life takes shots, life will leave you bleeding and wounded, but if you don’t let it take it to far, if you don’t let it finish you, then you can get back up no matter how much time that you have wasted. Wounded is where we find out what we are made of, wounded at first kills you, but when you start to fight and you start to come out the other side, you see that maybe you weren’t as wounded as you thought you were. That scar you thought you were going to have, may have been just a scrape and it stung and it hurt for a little while, but it healed and when it healed you went on to looking for your next excuse as to why you couldn’t! You played wounded like a little bitch, then got treated like a little bitch and now you wanna bitch, but guess what, your still here writing this, your still in the game and it may have smacked you upside the head so hard you couldn’t see straight, but it didn’t finish you. And you are only finished if you choose to be, get ready for the chronicles of crazy Willie tonight!


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