When The Trigger Is Pulled, Are You Going To Be Pulling It? Or Are You Going To Be Staring Down The Bullet?

Lol, I saw the video about praying and skipped right over it to read about and overpaid, privileged whinny bastard complain about how he broke the rules and got suspended for the year. He didn’t break the rules, he thumbed his nose at them over and over again, and while two games for dragging your unconscious fiance out of and elevator is ridiculous Mr. Goodell, I am behind you with Josh Gordon. My point, I should give a shit less about him, I passed over a story that might have been worthwhile for something that isn’t. Kind of like congress worrying about steroids and a playoff system in college sports and oh shit while we were worrying about everything that didn’t matter, the world went to hell. I don’t need to keep harping on it, were losing bees, losing polar bears and ice caps, both at alarming rates, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine the middle east in general, don’t terrify me nearly as much as what we are doing to our planet. I expect the violence, Mandy Patkin in and episode of criminal minds says it best. “The one thing human beings have continuously got right for thousands of years, killing each other.” And while as sad as a statement as that is to make, you see it changing anytime soon? Who the fucks going to step up, nobody seems to want to, everybody seems to want to blame everybody else. And please explain to me Mr. Obama, whatever the fuck went down in Ferguson, Missouri, don’t you think you should have been there instead of sending a couple aides to the funeral? Just don’t think you get it anymore, like I didn’t think the guy before you got it. You see with the people we have put in power and with the actions they have taken and our yes our inaction to do anything about it, I am afraid we have reached a crossroads. I am afraid our backs are against the wall and it is time to stop listening to that little voice in the back of our head and start believing it when it tells us we can. With what we have done, the trigger is about to be pulled, are you going to be pulling it? Or are you going to be the one staring down a bullet? Every other fucking time I have stood in front of the gun, I have fallen flat on my fucking face and I have refused to pick myself up, that shits done. Its done or I am done, you can only stand in front of a bullet for so long, before it gets you between the eyes. Tonight I did the right thing, not what I wanted to do, believe me she made it tough, but ive decided I am better than this and I have been living on the wrong side of the gun for too long, time to pull the trigger!


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