Me Too

No I never did, thank God Mama raised me better, but I have to ask just how much we’re looking like the Romans! How much are not caring attitude is coming back to bite us in the ass! Forget the record hurricanes and earthquakes, forget the record fires and ignore the melting ice caps too. We need to remind ourselves that lives matter! Just about every guy in a position of power it would seem, has used it against females! We have politicians saying women are asking for it by the way they fucking dress!! So in are free country it is okay for a football player to take a knee because that’s his right?!? Yet it’s a woman’s fault and she makes herself a target? Bundle up ladies, I feel like this bumpy ride is far, far from over! Next you’re going to tell me in Alabama, that a man who is a sex predator damn near got elected! You’re going to tell me that the President of these Divided states of America supported the man! You’re going to tell me that in certain parts of the world the space trade is still going strong! You’re going to tell me that the Heroin epidemic is taking over my country, and the kid who just made the 150 dollar Nike’s I just bought can’t eat!!! Just a little food for thought on a Thursday morning about theses divided states of America! We can continue  on this path, but just a little heads up about my personal life in case you didn’t read yesterday’s post. You can only walk down the path the path of destruction for so long, before if destroys you! I’ll check back this afternoon…


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