Mr.Aldean, But I Call Him Jason. These Divided States Of America!

It’s a line in one of my favorite artists songs,  but my question is this?  When do we  draw the line? When do we say enough is enough? When its 100 people shot dead? When it’s a state, not the ugly stepdaughter Puerto Rico? Because like it or not, that  is what these  great Divided States of America have done. We have turned are back on our people, we  have a successful white  retired man  killing  at least 58 people and we have people saying it’s a country concert so it’s a bunch of white people, I bet its retaliation. In the middle of all this,  I just have one question? I think we might be missing it on every level, don’t you? I posted this on Facebook today, I’d  say pray for Vegas, but even a lifelong Christian like me is having problems with that. I’d say worst shooting in U.S. history, but the  way we are going, I fear a worse one is coming next week. I don’t get how thirty years ago when I was ten, nothing like this happened. I don’t want to hear mental illness or ISIS , I want to know when human beings stopped caring  about human beings? Letting people die in Puerto Rico, 50 plus dead at a concert, I could go an on an on. I guess  my fear is, if we continue to let this go on an on, what will be left of us when hate and fear finally wins! We created homeland security out of fear. We judge people out of fear, because we choose to be afraid of their beliefs instead of understanding. FEAR will end us, fear is what ills the world today. Fear lets religious people think it is okay to judge, fear was just instilled again, want to go too an open air concert tomorrow anybody? Bet you will think twice about it now. Chaos, fear, racism, judging, the weather and the  earthquakes and believe in him or not like I do, the big man in the sky might just be coming! Hell on earth in may ways is upon us, try being in certain parts of Mexico right now, try being stranded on Puerto Rico, try having a guy in the White House who doesn’t seem to  give a fuck. I mean, it’s not our problem right? Wait, your telling me that Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory?!? I’ll leave you with this, close to 60 people’s families were liking and watching their updates and pictures from the Jason Aldean concert less than 24 hours ago. Now, all those pictures and updates are all they have left, because their loved one liked Jason Aldean. Black people shouldn’t get killed for no reason, nobody should get killed for no reason, hate shouldn’t march in the streets. I pledge allegiance, to the flag of The Divided States Of America, to the republic, for which I have no idea what it  stands for anymore, ONE nation, under God, for liberty and justice for ALL!!!!!!!!!! We can do better America……


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