What’s Love Got To Do With It? Hate Seems To Always Win!

Faggot, nigger, terrorist, loser, drugie, now we have a show about it, “Snap Decision.” You make decisions about people based solely on their looks! Looks like we may have missed a few things! How long will we let hate win? How long will we look the other way? How were United States colleges thinking about hosting people who promote hate? I’ll go back to what my high school marketing teacher told me, still holds true today. Any publicity is good publicity! Sad but true, shock and awe, hate boils to the top, any good is buried in the last thirty seconds of the newscast let’s just be honest folks and we created this. We created this  with are could give a fuck attitude, “what we let be, will be.” Those moments when it starts getting harder and harder to look in the  mirror. The time you wasted has collided  with record wildfires and record hurricanes and record murder rates and  people marching  for hate in the streets and  a President kind of brushing  it off! What the fuck happened to us here America? Not saying other countries aren’t bad, that is for sure, but I thought we were supposed to be better than that. Hate 1, love  0 and  as I said, it sure seems like these days hate is winning a lot more. Feels like a lot of things that shouldn’t be winning are winning, I know that goes with me and my demons for sure. I know better, it has caught up with me and  will catch up with me again, but outrunning demons that have wings sometimes  doesn’t work so  well. Cant blame anybody when you know better in the first place and  do it anyway. Its like when you are a kid and they tell you not to do it and of course you have to just find out how stupid it is yourself. “Ask forgiveness before I ask permission”, love that line in Brantley Gilberts new song. Well, time to wrap this one up, Hate 1, Us 0 and where we go and who wins next is up to US……..


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