“It’s The End Of The World As We Know It”

Sorry Michael Stipe, I don’t feel fine and I doubt you do! Listen to the song, maybe a little Billy Joel “we didn’t start the fire”! Oh wait, my bad, we kind of did! Well boy, the mother fucker sure got hot in a hurry didn’t it Drake! Zero too a hundred jigga real quick as the song would go! Harvey, followed by Irma, followed by white supremacists, followed by half the country on fire and sure is hard to feel fine about it all! I don’t mean to go all God and end of days, but is anybody else going wtf? Things are happening right now that have never happened in history, there is not much left of Houston and my question is what will be left of Miami? What will be left of any of us if dumb and dumber don’t stop playing nuclear chicken? It’s not just what we do from here on out, it’s what we’ve done…..


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