Comey, Comey, Comey Chameleon!

You come and go, you come and go lol, some of you will get this, some of you need to YouTube the song since that is what kids do these days. How many times do we have to call the Chameleon a liar? Did he really just use the words hate, did he really say that it  was somebody else’s fault? You were the one who had the conversations with Comey you dummy, you were the one who didn’t know what the hell you were doing. Again, just like you, I didn’t think you had  a chance in hell when I voted  for you. How sad, I thought Hillary’s ignorance was worse than yours and now I just pray we make it four more  years as I watch military planes and vehicles start to mobilize at a rapid rate at Fort Lewis near my home. Close your eyes, turn away, except this isn’t a remote and these aren’t those poor kids on T.V. late at night that you can change the channel on. This is the world and the life that we have created, this  is our doing and nobody else’s. This is the worst case in human history of what you allow will continue and now what? Corporate greed, corrupt governments, bombs and violence everywhere, trying to make it so we are afraid to walk out the door. Why not? Fear forced us into creating the department of Homeland Security and I guess my question is this? Do you feel any safer? Does it bother you that instead of taking care of business, 46 is too busy tweeting  and defending himself and his administration against something every other day? Politicians are shady, it is the nature of the beast, but have we ever witnessed anything like this in history? Suppose like I, you are tired of listening to all of it and seeing the Facebook prophets who bitch about it, but wont be about it. I’m pro this,  but  don’t take away my Starbucks! Hey Lavar Ball, we know what the little kid in Cambodia gets paid to make your sons shoes, so are you fucking kidding me with that price tag? Are overall greed  as  a world and  making money are bottom line has led us to a point where we are on the edge, and  tetter tottering on that mother fucker, know that! I know I am, about to lose two of the most important things to me. My mom is a 65-year-old diabetic and yesterday the paramedics thank God were barely able to bring her back from a 17 blood sugar. I am pretty sure you are supposed to be damn near dead under  20, and this has been the worst one by far. My 9-year-old black lab is starting to show the signs that he is shutting it down. The one who carried me, the one that was there for me no matter what the dumb shit was that I did  that day and now, I can’t stop the process of life. The one guaranteed thing, death. So lets continue down this road, lets waste our time with letting it all go down like this, because I’m sure I am right and Heaven is guaranteed. I’m sure there are 72 virgins waiting  on the other side and I am sure whether you believe in God like I do or not, this I believe to be true. The bible was interpreted by man, the same man who is destroying the world today with their power-hungry money-grubbing greed! And remember this one last thing! If you do believe in God like I, remember what they did to his son because  they chose fear instead of understanding. Hmm, fear  instead of understanding, were those Roman times or 2017……..


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