This, That, And That Trump Thing!

And by Thing, I mean that shit on his head, tough to beat The Weekend out for worst hair in America. Congratulations dickwad, you are finally up to the task at hand, “a little bit harder than you thought!” Tough when daddy can’t give you a million dollar loan and bail you out of it this time! But hold on to your cash, seems like you might be the one needing bail money soon! Funny how my problems don’t seem so big in reality, no chemical attack, wasn’t bombed at a concert, sex trafficked or molested! I wasn’t a lot of things, but what I was, was a failure by choice! Survived Coke binges that would make Charlie Sheen and his Warlock cringe! A car wreck that most wouldn’t survive! Collapsed lungs that I made far worse with cigs and weed, women I have lied to and destroyed because I wanted to, but couldn’t get my shit together! But the thing is, somehow I’m still here, somehow payback is coming! Not that shove it in their face payback everyone is looking for these days! No, the kind of payback that happens when you do what the say you couldn’t, when you show them that they wrote you off just a little too soon! The best payback isn’t in the words you seek, it’s in the actions you take when all they can do is watch and the words have become a moot point! You can be written off at any second, or you can write a new ending, you can do a lot of things! You can be that mind 2Pac talks about that changes the world! You can be the guy or girl who says enough is enough and starts a movement that changes things like MLK! You can be the voice of reason in the middle of all the madness! But the one thing you can’t do! You can’t do these things sitting on your ass here doing it the same way…..


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