Testament To What?

To chemical attacks over Syria? To the peace in the Middle East we were going to have after we got rid of Saddam and Bin Laden? To the state of the world today! The biggest ass clown in history that I voted for, controlling the most powerful nation! A testament to making America Great Again? Going to take whole lot more for that to happen then a catchy slogan! But apparently you can ride that catchy slogan and some sketchy email accounts all the way to the White House! Is that a testament to us, or had bad shot has really gotten? Two woman, Palin was a joke and Billary lost to a joke, “you didn’t realize it was going to be this hard?” At least Bush had an excuse to not have a clue, no President has had to deal with a 9/11! This clown pushing Russia and China, uh boom you idiot! Syria doesn’t scare me, I feel bad for those people, and let’s face this fact! North Korea knows better, we would turn him into Kim Jung Dead! Our biggest enemy at any level is us! I can’t, our mind defeats us first, they’re better than me. I’ll never be able to do this, letting our words get in the way and control are thoughts! How about a testament to being better, not having those moments where we slip and then try to justify it! Don’t lie, don’t slip up, and Lear to fly!


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