I Feel Like….

The rapper in one of the last battles in 8 Mile, when Eminem acts like he’s handing him a pen and pad and tells him to go home and wait until something dope hits you then write it down. Sometimes it feels like it is all coming down around you, but when you step back and  reassess the situation, you see that you damn well might have just dodged a bullet. Sometimes what is taken away from us is for our own good, because we don’t want to give it  up no matter how bad or wrong it is for us. Sometimes its substance, sometimes it is running to another person, sometimes it is just simply the fear of being alone. I feel like something is close, can’t honestly tell if it is something good, or if I am approaching the end. You start to get old, you start to let one too many chances pass by, you start realizing you had opportunities you should have seized. Instead, you let life live you, you let it put its hands around your throat and squeeze the life out of you. And in turn, any relationship you try to make work  blows up in your face, because it is based on the  nothing that you have let yourself become, so I guess whats left is this. ” I believe every lie that I ever told, paid for every heart that I ever stole. I played my cards and I didn’t fold, well it aint that  hard when you’ve got soul. Somewhere I heard that life is a test, I’ve been through the worst, but I still give my best. God made my mold different from the rest, then he broke that mold so I know I’m blessed. Stand up now and face the sun, wont hide my tail and turn and run, its time to do what must be done!”


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