Hold On

For one more day like the song, for one more chance at redemption. It isn’t over, it’s just beginning, just look around, somebody has it worse than you. And that somebody isn’t sitting around complaining about it, their holding on to the hope that it can get better! Something you quit doing a long time ago. You let go, you gave up because they gave up in you or they said it wasn’t possible and now your brain is scrambled with possibilities! The why you can and the why you can’ts, the missed opportunities and the sitting on your hands still wondering why. We don’t always get the why stupid, why did I survive a car wreck I shouldn’t have, just to piss it all away. Why can bury you, why can bring you to your knees, but why is a tricky thing, because why not the fuck me. Why not get pissed off this time, why not hold on a little longer instead of quitting on yourself because that’s easier. How about not for anybody but yourself this time, how about you do it for the right reasons! How about you change everything this time and come back a better you, how about you figure out a different way and get it done this time! Because aren’t you tired of just holding on? Aren’t you tired of this? Most importantly, aren’t you tired of letting everyone down when you have all the potential in the world? Just some Tuesday night thoughts while fighting through the pain…


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