Trying To Ask God Why Through The Tears!

Maybe it wasn’t as simple as you thought, maybe it mattered a little more than you thought. As you sit here with tears in your eyes you realize that now. Too bad you didn’t realize it when you had time to do something about it. And boy look at you now, something sure has been done about it that’s for sure. No need really to ask God why, we can ask him a lot of things, but why waste his time with questions we already have the answers to? Oh that shit about wasted time and how you only realize it after you have wasted it. Some things we find only after they are gone, that they were a little harder to let go of than we thought they were going to be. Sometimes we have to be an adult when we don’t want to be, and just accept that some things are the way they are no matter how much we wish they weren’t. Life gets easier when you realize that sometimes pain is a part of it and we all go through pain in are lives. Sometimes that being an adult or being the bigger person things kills us. Yay for me, I was the bigger person, I’m falling the fuck apart inside like this election. What good does any of  it do if we don’t allow ourselves to change? Yeah, I guess I do have a few questions to ask God on a night like tonight, but tonight, all I have is tears!


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