A Change At Redemption!

Too many times we go after it out of revenge. Forgetting most times, that it was our own action, or inaction that caused it in the first place! I for a long time focused on showing them and focused on revenge, yesterday I realized whose fault it was. Yesterday I saw a way out and my lady shot, not at revenge, but at redemption! I almost let time run out, I was so focused on and mad at the things that were done to me that I missed it. It was a change reaction, my one bad action turned into inaction and created this whole fucking mess, nobody else in on the hook but me. Personally, I think I’d rather have it that way. All on my shoulders,  all on me to fix, a chance to see what I’m really made of, a chance to see how bad I really want it! I keep coming back to life being about moments. Not moments that money can buy, but the moments that change us. The moment we fall in love with her or him and we know this is it. Holding your baby and looking into her amazing blue eyes. Winning a state title with your high school buddies, or doing what they said you couldn’t do! We all have fans out there watching thinking it’s going to go down the same way as before, their ready to laugh, just biding their time! What if you shut them up this time, what if you take your chance at redemption and run with it? But there’s your problem, you never have, so your life has come down to what! Your call, is it one more what if, or do you take what out of the equation this time? You say it matters, you say last night you learned something and realized just what matters! You say a lot of things……


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