Black Lives Don’t Matter! “We Either Heal Together, Or Die As Individuals!”

Its Charlotte today, Chicago yesterday and coming to a neighborhood near you tomorrow, it is  a line from “Any Given Sunday.” We either heal together or we die as individuals, and that  is where I fear we are at. Fear has taken over, I wouldn’t want to be black and pulled over right now, and I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be a cop. I don’t even want to go to  the mall, you will get shot or stabbed there too! I think I will just sit at home and be afraid and do nothing. Now  we have athletes protesting the anthem and I have no clue which side I come down on. Family who took bullets for this country, I also get that lately a lot of black people have been getting shot by cops. I believe Chicago has hit 500 homicides and it is only September. For all the good things people  say Obama has done, the violence is definitely not one of them. The one thing people have always gotten right time and time again, killing each other. It is how nations  are founded, it is how we punish the worst of the  worst, some do it out of jealousy, some  out of revenge, doesn’t really matter why we do it, it has to stop. We either heal together, or we die as individuals. We have created a department of Homeland Security out of fear. Feel any safer? We turn on the news and  its cops dead and its black people dead and  its level three sex offender and its are world going to hell and not enough people with the guts enough to step up and do something about it. Why would you? They shot Lincoln and Luther for doing it. But they knew what was at stake, they knew what happened very well might happen and they did it anyway. We need more men like that, not these fuck boys that we are raising. We need people who understand what’s at  stake and know the  consequences could be high, but we are running out  of time if we continue to do nothing. Because black lives will continue to not matter until it is all out race wars and riots. Cops will be afraid to show up for calls, in the end  everything this country was built on will crumble, so one question. Together, or individuals?


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