I Used To Think…..

I used to think a lot of things, but now all I think about is the would have, should have and the could have. The three things in life all rooted in regret that we all go thru at one time or another in our life. When what we should have done, collides with what we did do and we don’t like the outcome. But we had time to change the outcome and we wasted out time thinking we would never run out of time. I met a handicapped guy at the bar today and thought to myself, hes trapped in his own mind. He drinks too much to forget, forget that people look past him, forget that girls wont talk to him. He would die for 24 hours of my time, to be able to not be mentally handicapped for one day, and what the hell am I doing with my time you ask? Leading two more down the path of destruction, I don’t want to even tell you what I did  last night after what I did Saturday. But boy I sure as hell will call somebody else on it on the other side of the situation. Tell them what a bad person they are for doing the same thing that I am doing, actually even feel good about it for a second. A second, before the reality of all that I have done starts setting in and closing in on me. Time wasted comes back to haunt you my friends and chances really do come back around when you blow them sometimes, but you only get to blow them so many times. That only make the mistake once and learn from it bullshit they tell you couldn’t be more on point, know that. Know that you are better than this and far more capable than this and  know at one point no matter how far you’ve gotten off track that you believed it once to. Nobody will be your biggest critic and your biggest fan other than yourself, know that! Do it for the right reasons, do it for yourself, don’t do as I did. Don’t go out and do it looking for vengeance, revenge is a dish best served cold. Take care of what you need to, take care what you said you were going to take care of watch what they say then. Better yet, watch when they have nothing to say, because you shut them up and there’s nothing left for them to take shots at. Life about the moments that money can’t buy. I used to think it was about money and things, being the popular guy, having the cool stuff, I used to think a lot of things……


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