Trying To Let Go Of What You Don’t Want To!

This one I have a feeling is going to get a little tricky. As I stood still in the same place I have watched as the last three years have progressed without me. Things change so much in such a short time, I could change this whole mess in a short amount of time, but that is for another day. I keep hearing let go of it before it destroys you, holding on to what is gone is the worst thing in the world they say. They are probably right, you only get one shot at this and why waste it on what you could have done, everybody has a could a would a or should a in their life. I keep trying to live on those could a would a and should a’s in life and then I want to talk about what I am going to do. The talker is the worst in life, the one that doesn’t need to say anything usually has business taken care of I have found in this life! In the end the only way we move on is letting go, I have been stuck in this moment repeating  the same steps  for so long, because I am afraid of how bad it is going too hurt to let go of what I don’t want to. But now my  bigger fear is making nothing out of my life if I dont, we all get to  that moment where we realize as much as it hurts, sometimes whats done is done and you can’t fix it. You cant go back and make it right, un say or un do the things you did, sometimes no matter how badly you want to, you just have to walk away and leave it there for your own sanity. It can only continue to break you if you let it,  the choice to remain broken is yours. But with guys like Trump  Running for President, with people like North Korea having  nuclear technology, it all could go to hell with the state of the  world that we live in today. We  are ruled by fear, dont go to public places where there are lots of  people, because you become a target. Dont go to Chicago, dont drink the water in Flint, dont get pulled over while driving  black, dont get caught wearing a badge these days.  Those are some of the things that have been “TRENDNG” the most the last month……


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