It’s What You Didn’t Know!

The one thing that never escapes me thru it all finally has, the words. More questions again that lead to fewer answers and more excuses. You had it all, right up until you didn’t, because the clock finally struck midnight on your sorry ass Cinderella. My own worst enemy doesn’t even begin to cover the shit show that I have created this time. The moments of intense bring you to your knees pain coincide with the feelings of do I even care at all. Caught in the  middle is me with only one question left. You aren’t getting any younger, so when do you think you might want to do something about the situation? It’s what you didnt know that kills you now, it’s what you didnt think mattered so much, but really did. Sometimes we underestimate or take things for granted  and only after they are taken away from us do we realize just how important they were. They were supposed to have our babies, they were supposed to help us to that next step in life, they were supposed to help us get that promotion. But we were too stupid to realize it at the time and believe you this, when you do realize it. It hits you right between the eyes and dead center of the chest. Yeah  what we think we know and what we really didnt know will collide and the later usually wins when you sit and wait for it to happen. All that in hindsight bullshit turns out to be true you find out, what the fuck I would have done different. The losses  mount, and the win column at the moment is looking pretty bare. Far better than quite a few but still unable to get out of my own way, because what I didnt know I now do know. This is the only ride we get and I have sat in the passenger seat for far to long and if you are to its time to grab the wheel. It’s all still there in front of you if you would wake up and quit feeling sorry for yourself and take care of the problem. Shouldnt be to hard considering you are the problem, so who better to fix yourself than you? There  is a move to be made and it  can be made, nothing is lost yet, key word stupid is yet Maybe you didnt know how much it mattered, but you sure do now, your move…..


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