Easy is a lie

Easy only makes it harder down the line. Easy makes you think you have time, easy makes you lazy. They always said you can take the easy way out, that’s where I quit listening. I missed the but if you do it will haunt you for 16 years. It doesn’t haunt me anymore as much as it owns me, but in the middle of the shit storm I have created got a moment of clarity. A moment of I better start living life now and stop letting it live me. A face popped up on my Facebook feed it was tied to a police report. A face I used to know a face I used party with and hangout with. A face that I used to do a shit load of blow with, it almost took quite a few of us that year and it did take the person I’m talking about a little brother. He od and the guy doing blow with him just ran and left him. As I started taking inventory today and realized what I have cost myself, I realized something. It’s never as bad as it seems, that face I used to know got hooked on meth and killed someone two nights ago and is on the run. The thing that is crushing me right now may not have given a crap about me I am coming to find out after the fact. I’ve completley lost my train of thought overcome with the emotion of MY choices and what taking the easy way has cost me. Stay positive, it’s been darker than this and you survived, easy is a choice and living you life is a choice, but remember this. Easy my friends, is the biggest lie of all….


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