“Until It Happens To You!”

Not the biggest Lady Gaga fan, but I’ll be honest, pretty powerful performance! They say it gets better in time, but what happens when you pull yourself together and then it doesn’t get better! Everyone’s struggle is different, so how about for a second we take a step back and quit judging! Quit thinking we know and quit assuming shit, how about we all become human beings! While Chris Rock made it all about race, I get some of it. Will Smith no nomination for concussion, can’t wrap my head around that one, everything has become about race or gay or something that divides us and in the end that is what will divide us. Differences have existed since the beginning of time, but differences cause ISIS to kill innocent people, differences have caused this country to make everything about race, to create a Department of Fear I call it, some call it Homeland Security, oh those differences. If you believe in God like I do, it was differences that put him on the cross. It was fear of what they couldn’t or didn’t want to understand because they knew it would force change. And now we must all change, it’s not safe to go to school, go to a mall, hell walk down the street and as I say this it’s hard to swallow! Here in the U.S.A. we are getting a taste of what others around the world have dealt with forever! Today I read about A man who was homeless and so poor he poured hot coffee over his head for five bucks so some ass clown could get a laugh! When did we stop caring? When did we become numb to it all? And better yet, is there time to save it and recover what we’ve lost!  Guess you won’t know until it happens to you!


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