Don’t Worry!

It’s not the end, but the beginning, it’s only the end if you decide to make it the end. North Korea isn’t bombing us, your government is corrupt but not after you and isn’t every political body corrupt? That’s like asking straight guys if they like boobs, of course we do! ISIS, just like Al Queda before them won’t do is in, bad shit is still going to happen, it may even unfortunately happen to you, but you can’t live your life waiting for it to happen. Well, you can, but then I promise you without a doubt it will happen once you open that door and sit and wait! I’d like to say don’t worry be happy, but I’m worried we still aren’t getting it. Instead of figuring out why police shootings and mass killings are up, we are worried about keeping up with the Kardashians and the status of a guy who was high out of his mind at a whore house! In other countries they would give a fuck less about the guy whose been fortunate enough to make millions playing sports and then decides to od while surrounded by hookers because he’s depressed!! I feel for ya bro, I really do, but over here in the real world, we have real problems! I’d like to say I have faith, but more people are moved to tears over who Ben picks on the Bachelor then what is going on in our world and there is the problem! More people care about and are inspired by shit that really doesn’t matter! Don’t worry, be happy, it’s not like it’s all going to end tomorrow. Bet that’s what the moms and dads who went to work on September 11th thought too!


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