Cam Newton Problems!

Imagine if we could use all that energy we are using to hate Cam Newton and do something good with it. Funny what a QB can inspire in us, but seeing someone who needs help and we can just walk away. I’ve seen the memes, Manziel needs help, but Ray Rice and Greg Hardy are evil! Everything is black and white now, it’s destroying our society! And just so folks don’t get ahead of themselves, Hardy and Rice have been proven, if Manziel is proven, he will get his just like any other player! The man didn’t lose well, but the second the Super Bowl is over I see people posting well Peyton Manning didn’t shake hands when he lost either! We’re not celebrating a great win, by a clean QB who set numerous records, rather it comes down to black and white! It’s white cops shooting black people, it’s black lives matter, we really have to protest that in 2016. While cops make mistakes, we don’t know the entire story a lot of the time and I’m pretty sure no cop no matter how bad the criminal wants a dead body on their mind. Time for all of us to get are priorities straight, we care more about a QB failing, then Flint Michigan poisining their water!


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