Stop Making It Deeper Than It Has To Be!

Those people who fucked you that you’re still worried about! They aren’t half as worried about you as you are them! And check this shit out, there’s a way even if you don’t see it. There’s a way to do it different, to pull it off, tomorrow is Monday morning, what will you do when your feet hit the ground? Better yet are you up and at em like you should be or are you hitting snooze on your life? Like me, you may be all to blame, so what? Big fucking deal, everybody is to blame at somepoint in their life. I spent last night with an angel that I had no business spending it with! That’s when I made a decision, I didn’t quit when if for really bad, when my back was against the wall and it looked like there was no way out! No, this time I chose to quit making it deeper, this time I chose not to run and keep my head above water! This time I realized what was at stake like I keep saying I should of, this time I took the step no matter what shots I have to take, too much is at stake this time, this time it’s a little different feeling! This time I give up what doesn’t matter, quit worrying about what I can’t change and start worrying about what I can. Shits passing me by a lot faster now then I ever thought it would ten years ago, this is my lost shot to grab ahold of everything I want, this time it has to be different, this shits deep enough, so remember there is no need to make it deeper!


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