Gotta Work With What You Gave Me!

And I’ve decided what I’ve got is a whole hell of a lot! A close friend just lost his mom at 52, my mother is 63 and the time I wasted now haunts me. Because nobody expects to die, even people with terminal diseases fight until the end, but death becomes us all. I see my friend who four years ago was a strong, happy and productive iron worker. I see him now taking 5 minutes to take five steps and wanting to give up after all the MS has taken from him. I get a text from an ex falling apart who never gets to see her two year old son because she is working three jobs and still can’t make ends meet. Kinda makes the things we bitch about pretty small, but it better magnify the things we are taking for granted! I hear stories from someone close to me who works at a preschool, so to those parents. I won’t pretend to know how tough it is to be a parent, but those moments your missing sticking them in all day preschool because you can. Well, one day sooner or later you’re going to want those moments back. It’s back to what I said, state titles with my high school team, real love that held on when it shouldn’t of, those things that really matter, the things that bank accounts no matter how big can’t buy! You gotta work with what you got, and turn it in to what you want….


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