It’s What You Won’t See Coming!

The car wreck that takes someone you love, the person you overlooked who fought for you. The Christmas you missed thinking that you had time, until time ran out on some of those people you wanted to be there. Now the thing you didn’t see coming is that you’re running out of time if that family and kids you always talk about is more than just talk. Everything you say you want is right in front of you, so easy to grab if you really mean what you say this time! The alternative is watching everything walk away that you want and then the pain you won’t see coming will be crippling! You can accept how things are, or you can accept responsibility for changing what you created! It’s that simple, you made the monster, so you can beat the monster, who better to? Stay ready and you won’t have to get ready, I realized last night when I went to bed and this morning waking up to catting, just what I have to lose! That catting should throw you since I woke up with two dogs. It’s run or figure out a way not to run this time and the stupid thing is that you already have a way!


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