You Only Get One Shot At This!

I could be all wrong, there could be no God, I’ve been wrong a few times before!!! It could be a dirt nap and you’re done like one of my closest friends six year old daughter. Sounds horrible to say that, but I pray she’s up there watching us every single day. But just like a non believer can’t prove I’m wrong, I can’t prove I’m right either. There’s the problem, proof and in the middle of no solid proof people start pointing fingers. People start judging because of how someone’s dressed or who they choose to sleep with! What if it is a dirt nap? Let’s waste are time worried about all that. Let’s waste are time worried about the next attack and Al Queada ten years ago and ISIS now, catchy new name, same damn problem! Hell you look at the way attacks are happening one right after another and it might be worse! There’s that place called Flint, Michigan somewhere in Africa, where they are actually forced to use polluted river water! How crazy is that? That would never happen in the United States, you only see that in those commercials on t.v. Start looking around at what the fuck we are doing, at some of the clowns running for President, at the world WE the people have created. Somehow I don’t think it was all supposed to go down like this if there is that God I believe in and even if there isn’t! Everyday you get a chance to say this isn’t how it’s going to end. Because you may only get one shot at this and then your dead and gone, so if it ended today, one question. How ya living? Do you have what you want? Do you know who and what is worth fighting for? Are you going to start living like you only have one shot at this and start taking care of business? Are you going to make sure what should be yours, really turns out to be yours this time? I guess I lied, I have a few questions, most importantly of course is this. Why no fucking rose ceremony last night, wtf Ben Higgins! Yeah, a month or so ago I wouldn’t even know what a rose ceremony was, thinking that’s about the time I misplaced my man card, anybody seen it? Fall in love, if it matters hold on and fight like hell, but fight, don’t say your going to, do it and show them! You may only get one shot at this life!


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