Do Exactly What They Think You Won’t Do!

I watched a movie last night, not by choice, but boy am I glad she made me watch it. “Invictus” maybe the best movie I’ve ever saw Morgan Freeman in. It taught me that we can all do what they expect us to do, but what happens when they don’t see it coming? What happens after twenty seven years when you come out of prison forgiving those who put you there for being black? They expected him to disband the spring box white rugby team, we’re taught to take revenge any chance we get. See how far you get in life with that. There will always be someone who wronged you, always something to get mad about! But when you don’t? Well, he changes the world with that philosophy, anger breeds anger and hate breeds hate and he refused to let hate in. If there was ever a man to walk the Earth who had the right to have hate in his heart, it was that man, yet none. People lost their minds when he did what he did, people usually do when you do the right thing! Hold doors, treat your daughters mother right, help someone if you can, hell what I’m trying to say is sometimes doing the right thing will feel like the wrong thing. People will look at you funny, even take shots and question you, but see whose standing with you taking those shots because they’ll still be standing with you when the smoke clears! There just aren’t enough people doing the right thing anymore, so try it, it shocks the shit out of people! And remember Mr. Mandela’s rallying cry at Robbin Island! “If the winds of change blow are way tomorrow, are we ready?” Don’t give up, he had twenty seven years taken away from him and changed the world,. No matter how bad it looks or how much time you have wasted, believe in yourself and believe you can change the world too!


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