All The Cards But One Have Been Laid On The Table.

Imagine that, you hold the last card in your hand and you can make it anything you want, but you’re running out of time now. You had time, you were given more time and living on borrowed time and still didn’t do what the fuck you were supposed to do so now what? You saw it coming, I don’t see why what happened today is such a surprise. You knew how Tuesday went down that this was bad, really bad and you just tried to ignore it. It’s a easy fix, you have one week to fix it, 7 days and at the end of it, either Heaven or Hell will be waiting. Your move, ball in your court, however you want to say it, right now it’s your life to make or break so what shall you do? It isn’t cute anymore, your act has grown tired as the great guy people know you are has collided with the jackass who had to keep covering his tracks. What you want is in play for one more week, but then the clock really does hit midnight Cinderella! You’ve seen everybody else’s cards, they’re all waiting for you to lay down the last card and see who wins the hand, aren’t you tired of holding losing hands by now?


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