A Loss, Within A Victory!

Better come to play, because I learned a little something about life last night. We showed up in the first qaurter, decided we had gottten out to a big enough lead and coasted until the worst team in the league got within 8! Then we decided to turn it back on, come state tourney time that won’t work and this has become a microcosm of my life! I turn it on when I feel like it and the other half of the time I’m like eh whatever! But whatever had turned into today and as easy as it is to fix now, the more time you let pass the harder I promise you it gets. See there was a victory last night, I hope we payed attention to the loss to. I hope we realized you have to put teams that you should away. Kind of like in life you have to put your past away no matter what you did because in the present you can’t do shit about it. I keep living there, when right now in my hands I have and can still save the future I want. It’s my move, I can run like I always do, but I’m exhausted from running, this is the end or the beginning of the best thing in my life, the CHOICE is mine, the fix is easy! And to any of you idiots out there like me making it harder then it has to be, you’re only fooling yourself in the end! Sometimes you learn more in the loss in the middle of the victory than any other time in your life!


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