“When My Momma Calls To Ask Me If I’ve Changed!”

“I tell her yeah, but clearly things will never change!” Change, it’s what in the end will define us. Can that person stop doing something so we can trust them again! Can our world leaders get their heads out of their asses and find that change we need? Change is a funny thing, ignore it and down the line it will catch up with you. I knew what I needed to change and I knew I didn’t do it, so who do I cry to now when I want a do over because it happened again? I’m apauled at everything that I did, but I’m apauled by our unwillingness as a society to change. Flint Michigan USA has worse drinking water than Africa at this point! Whether it’s a justified shooting or not it seems like cops are involved  in deadly shootings a lot more lately. Worse, they can’t do their job out of fear some nut job is going to walk up and kill them in their car. Never has there been a time with such chaos! Oil plummeting, China that horse we’ve been riding not looking so good. Stock Market took a shit and it seems like there’s a massive act of violence somewhere every other day! I tell her ya but clearly it will always be the same until the end of time as Tupac says! “One thing people have gotten right for thousands of years, killing each other!”


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