The Pain Will Be Worth It.

All the time, late nights, what it cost you, what you lost! The kicked in the teeth told you can’t feeling until you could! “Sometimes you don’t need a plan bro, sometimes you just need balls!” You need to look back and not let the pain win for once, look back and say I made it, I survived! This right here will pass as I sit next to what I didn’t want to lose and an losing! She basically said the spark isn’t there like it was before and then tried to backpedal! We have all said something that we wish we didn’t and then back pedaled, that’s why we all know it when we see it. I don’t want it to be done, I don’t want to admit any of it, but what she said tonight! I’m sorry I deserve better than that, I deserve someone who will fight like I do, not don’t forget all your shit in the dryer we are not as intense as we were! Who says that to somebody and than expects them to hang around? I’m sorry, did I miss something here? Am I chopped frigging liver? The pain will be worth it, you love and sometimes you learn things about people that you don’t want to. In the end, learn from it, be better for it and move on from it if that’s what it comes to Brcause I sure as hell didn’t think it was any less intense!


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