One Of Those Bad Feelings!

You feel it in the air, it’s thick and heavy, you feel like you can’t breathe but you have to. Then you ignore it, start doing things to act like your busy and do anything at all costs to avoid addressing it. One problem with that princess, that’s what led you here and got you into this whole mess. And now in the middle of the storm, you see how just an easy of a fix it would be to have it all! Maybe your going to be the one who saves me as Oasis would say, God I hope so because it can’t go on like this any longer. Human shoulders were only made to hold up so much and the weight at this point would be hard for Superman to hold up. But as the song says, Supermam and all his powers have nothing on me. I’m all heart, I’ve been kicked before and I decided to lay there and not get back up, but it’s worth getting up for this time. It’s worth putting the time in on that one thing that can fix it and it’s worth not letting your future and probably the best thing that ever happened to you slip away! It goes back to that saying is the juice worth the squeeze? That’s what you have to decide, because if you don’t I promise you this. Your life will be less of what you want and more of those bad feelings hanging around! How ya living? Not in the open when you tell your kid to treat woman with respect and then when nobody is around call his mom a bitch. Not in the open when you tell her that you love her, but when you’re lying next to her in bed on a dating website! Bad feelings don’t just happen, bad feelings are created, so what are you creating today???


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