31-0 at halftime, no Blair Walsh bail out this time, and then that ugly word failure pops up. Funny how at halftime social media was ripping a team that showed a whole lot of heart in almost coming all the way back. It wasn’t God likes the Panthers or this or that, we came out flat and when you do that you get flattened. But you can only do two things with failure, say we will be back like my Hawks did, or fold! Maybe I thought I cared before and I didn’t, this time I know how much I have to lose, this time I have to come back from and forget my past failures, because this is my last shot at what really matters, what I really want! What point is there in living life without who you really want in it? You can’t go to the Super Bowl every year, but you don’t quit trying! I quit in the past and let failure win, there would be another one or it will be okay, some kind of bullshit to get me through. But it turns out that the only one I was bullshitting was me. I can have it and so can you, sometimes failure is the only option, sometimes we learn from it and other times we hide from the truth! Tell one lie and you have to tell ten more to cover the one. I know my Hawks will be back, but will I? Is this how it ends? This sure feels like my last shot at everything I want, but the only question is. Will I left failure become an option again this time.


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