The Power Of Powerball

Continuing off the last post, I don’t want to fucking accept it. This was supposed to be about powerball and how money brings us all together, but I’m not ready to accept the post before this! And if you’re reading this one, the only way you will understand is to read the post before! I’m mad at myself for letting it get to this point, where I actually thought accepting it was okay! Accepting it is giving up plain and simple. Sorry Dr. Ried, but you were wrong last night in Criminal Minds when you said it always goes to shit, it’s about acceptance. Dirty word, bad taste in my mouth, I will pass on the acceptance part thanks, because I just can’t accept what o did. Like a bad movie playing over and over again, counting down the days until it goes boom again! The power of the past has caught up with me and I am once again faced with what I really don’t want to be faced with. That’s the entire problem though, I’ve never faced it and by it I mean me! I dance with the demons, nobody is perfect, but I let them win more than I should. I do what I want most of the time, but things are being asked of me now and the potential consequences weigh heavy!


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