“Tell The Truth, No Matter The Consequences!”

Lessons learned or is it lessons never learned. You can only do it to yourself for so long before it catches up to you! And now I’m just caught, the only thing worse than this is death or prison, because I am a prisoner to my past. A prisoner in my head to everything that I did! “Hello from the other side, I must of called a thousand times, to tell you I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done.” But nobody cares, or wants to hear it anymore! “All of your shit is on the porch. I’m blocking your number after this text so you won’t hear from me again and I won’t get any calls/texts from you. Cya.” It was pretty self explanatory from that text that a part of my life  I don’t want to be over, is. I tried, not sure I can even say that with a straight face knowing now that I could of done so much more. Macklemore says it best when he says tell the truth no matter what the consequences! That lesson fails me as I continue to not tell the truth and try to play dodgeball with the consequences! Until I get one square between the eyes and it knocks me on my ass! The truth will set you free, now I have to let it be. I have to let it go and now do the work so the next time around it is built on more than lies. Tell the truth my friends, or I promise there will be consequences you don’t like….


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