Driving state titles what you give your time may not like it even if you do the work after the fact! All things I want to right about today as again it all falls apart around me and I must find a way to pick up the pieces and move on. My mind is a blur, my eyes watery and everything I thought was going to happen did and here I am. Same place, different year and I’m tired, so tired of having to let go of what I don’t want too. Are you giving your time to you future or blowing it in the past? My future, what I knew I wanted has no given up on me because I gave it no other choice. Part of me will heal, but part of me will remain forever broken this time without a doubt that part of me will never be fixed! Love, the driving 5 hours for it and to keep promises to kids you made promises too, state titles and time, the things your money can’t buy! You knew long ago that you were living on borrowed time and you knew what you had to do and you did nothing and became nothing. This is your fault, this was your fix and this in the end could be the end my old friend! Hello, it’s me, I’m not wondering anymore, the two me’s have collided and become this mess I see no way out of!


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