Oh Yeah, Merry Flipping Christmas!

I couldn’t say fucking could I? I’m starting to think in between the whining about it and feeling sorry for myself that I missed the point. It isn’t over until you say it’s over, you don’t lose until you give up. I believe in God, you believe what you want, but this I know, just because you don’t see a way, doesn’t mean there isn’t one. There’s always a way, it just comes down to how badly you want to find it! What matters to you? Better yet, who matters to you? On a day like today I found myself bitching about what might have been and still clinging to something I don’t want to lose. So don’t lose it this time stupid, figure it the fuck out now and take care of business and you may just get that Christmas miracle and get what you want! You’ll find out in moments if you can pull it off or not, the end is near I fear. And while there’s a chance, the smart money is on the beginning of the end and finding a way to forget what was and what could of been. Merry Christmas, be thankful for what you have and who you have, because today for me has come down to who I don’t have and want!


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