You Can Just Tell!

It was the goodbye video she sent with better as a memory than as your man. Not because she wanted too, because you lied and left her with no choice. She’s holding on by a thread as is your future and it’s slipping through your fingers again. Been to the theater one too many times, so I know how this shit show ends. I’ve recovered from whatever I have done in the past, but I’m not sure I can or want to recover from this one. Ouch man, this fucking hurts, of course I can sit around bitching about it, I can also do something about it, I have to, I have no choice. I could crawl back into a bottle or hey load a bowl, it’s legal where I live…. But patches are what I do best, permanent fixes to this life that I have shit canned elude me on a day that is supposed to be so happy! It’s like a Richard Marx song from my youth that keeps on playing over and over again and now I must find a way once again to let go of something I don’t want too. For only one reason, everyone will tell you what a great guy I am, I just have to get my shit together and this moment I have to be honest. I don’t want to let it go, but I feel it’s over and I know I ruined it. I have to as that James Bay song says let it go and let her move on with her life and I go be me! Take care of business, before business starts taking care of  what means the most to you. You’ll realize the ten you had, after you had her. Those moments you almost ducked out on last night, could very well be your 88 year old grandmothers last Christmas! I can tell it’s over and I can tell I ruined it, what I can’t tell is where to go from here


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