You’ll Only Have That Life Again, In Facebook Photos!

If you learn anything from reading about the fool I am, learn this important lesson. Live like I have and you’ll look back one day wishing, with a whole pile of regret on your doorstep. The things that used to be a distraction and fun, won’t be anymore, those walls that you thought we closing in, finally closed in and I’ll you’ll have to look back on Facebook posts and pictures of what might have been! Little Texas had this song called “I try not too think about what might have been!” What a gem that is and now all I can think about is what might of been, what could be and letting go of a past I don’t want too seems impossible! I chose this, I did this, you can only fake it until you make it so long before something has too pop or you do! You run out of catchy lines, the red wine only covers the story for so long and then in a flash it’s all gone! Your future, everything you could of ever wanted and imagined, one more time you had it all and lost it, so Merry Christmas to you dirtbag. Soon you’ll look back I promise you and all you’ll have of the life you wanted is Facebook memories and falacies of the lies you told and the things you did to end up here! Do something now, before it, whatever it is does something about you!


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