My Belly Button Smells Like Dirty Vagina!

Anybody have a clue as to why? My life isn’t as bad as I thought it was, and if I quit worrying about what I did, I might just get everything I want. Or there is that other option, go back down the rabbit hole and my life goes completley too shit! But seriously, why does my belly button smell like dirty vagina? I know why my life stinks, ask anyone whose ever cared about me, I’m a great guy when I want to be….But this belly button thing has got me so confused, I think I’ll go ask a Muslim! Wait, I can’t because we banned them all! How’s that saying go, were afraid of what we don’t understand, we’ll understand this. Living your life worried about what might happen instead of taking care of what could happen!!! Seems like a great plan to me, like voting for a guy named Donald who is going to fix everything but every tin he needed something fixed he had daddy’s money do it. What am I trying to say? Why the hell does my belly button smell like dirty vagina….


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