This Is Probably Not Going To End Well, But What The Hell!

I read something today, can’t remember where, but it said this. “You might be losing and failing every single step of the way, but you’re doing better than the person who isn’t even trying! The strong hey stronger, the weak, don’t get weaker, they get dealt with like the bitches they are. I keep going back to what did and didn’t have too happen and what still could happen. I keep saying the only thing you can focus on is what could happen, what could’ve happened, has passed and that moment is lost, but you don’t have to lose the next one my friends. You don’t have too keep losing at life, continuing to lose is a choice! I’m done for the night, I tried and I’m fried, tomorrow morning it stars or my heart stops beating, I can’t leave it to hope it chance this time, it’s jump time!


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